Titles, roles and responsibilities are subject to change on a project to project basis.


Johan Synnergren

This is where Johan would write something about being the Project leader and stuff and things, informing the reader as to his purpose and role within the team as well as a "funny" joke or pun that'd probably include cats.

Sara Jonasson

The dark overlord and wrathful creator of Cateau. Believes she has any control at all but is in fact secretely ignored, for the most part. Luckily she's too busy googling cat media to read this. Sara created Cateau and served as creative director for the project.

Linus Persson Lundh

A grumpy old sod best accompanied by a cactus, keyboard and metal music. Cats tend to have allergic reactions to him and how he ended up working on this project is an absolute mystery known only to the most arcane powers. Tolerated because he (mostly) does his job.

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Sanna Franzon

A game developer and 3D artist in training (For way to long at this point). My current position is one half of an artlead and general background artist. I'm a filthy, filthy tea drinker.

Cecilia Höglund

The extroverted one.

Sofie Johansson

Don't panic, drink tea!

Santino Cimino

A childish boy known as 'The Line Master' in this very project. Santino is due for pun-ishment due to his severly sub-par word-play./Linus P.L., Public Relations manager.

Linus Herding

i draw stuff i am creative and have talent and am very good at stuff and i think stuff is fun and drawing stuff is even more fun for fun is fun especially when your having fun then fun is more fun to have

Daniel Vindhjärta

Professional stunt double and Wilhelm impersonator. Patron diety of Programmology, a world-spanning religion with many devout followers around the globe. Fatally allergic to cats. Served as Lead Programmer for Cateau.

Gizela Veronica Wikström

The world's most creative programmer (yet).

Jesper Kanewoff

Mr Catersson, welcome cat...

San Shine Wik

Just here making weird sounds. No, for real.. Weird sounds.

Oliver Engström

I am the sound design sidekick that makes all the weird sounds.

Andy Vinyl.jpg

Anderson Lima

Creating music for Lemon Curd Games, what sweet sweet song!

Tony Martinsson

"That's some fishy business right there. " - No Tony, you're a shrimp. That pun doesn't work.