Combat Concept Mock-Up and Discussion

So, as previously mentioned in earlier posts, the game we're working on draws inspiration from various elements of turn-based combat games, and thanks to our artists, I now have a visual example to help, well, illustrate the matter.

As per usual (and you'll likely see this fairly often in future posts) all of the art here is in very early concept stages, and thusly everything is subject to change.

Disclaimer out of the way, let's talk a little about how the combat will work. The game could be said to have three distinctly different stages of interaction, these three being world movement, conversation, and combat. When the player encounters an enemy while moving around in the world, the game transitions into a combat phase, much like in the Heroes of Might and Magic games.

Once in this combat phase, the player characters square off against the enemy in a turn-based manner, the player and the game taking turns to move their characters around the battle map, using abilities and attacking the opposing characters.

As a reward for reading through all of that, here's the combat concept mock-up, featuring a guest appearance of Sir Placeholder the Stick Figure.

Concept Battle.jpg