Combat Clarification & Merch Update

To those uninitiated to hex-based combat games, last week's article may have felt somewhat esoteric, as there was no proper illustration to properly illustrate the matter. That being the case, here's a piece of early concept art to give you a clearer idea of how the battlefield actually works.

To give a brief recap, everything regarding the movement of characters, their attacks and abilities are all based on the hexagonal grid system. For example, this means that a character with a movement value of four is able to move up to four tiles in this grid.

In other news, we have resolved an issue that limited the size of our shirt prints. Now we have a full range available with the same full-size print that we use on our own shirts, in case you too would like to brandish a certain, quite fabulous (if we may say so ourselves) lemon.

Our store & full-size prints:…/lemon-curd-games-…/1107826/

Battle GUI.png