Storyboarding & Battlefields

This week has been a touch more on the technical side, as we've been looking into how to configure our tiles, among other things. To explain, the battlefield that you might remember from the combat concept mock-up posted last week is made up out of a number of hexagonal tiles. The characters and enemies then move and attack based on distances determined by the number of tiles.

That is the most basic version of this type of turn-based combat battlefields, but we want our game to offer more than that. Hence we've spent a lot of time discussing how the actual battlefield itself will be actively changing during combat, in order to keep the fights more varied. A few examples we've discussed include benefits from being on high-ground, environmental hazards that come and go such as flooding, and various ways of messing with the tiles themselves.

In addition, we've also created a storyboard for the introductory cinematic that, surprise surprise, will introduce the player to some of the characters and the plot. There's not much to show or discuss concerning this as it's all just hand-drawn ink roughs, so instead, you all get to feast your eyes on this coloured version of one of our enemies. You know the drill, the image is not final and it may not appear this way in the actual game.