Announcing the New Project & Lemon Curd Games Store!

Here we are, the day has come where we announce our upcoming project and disclose the surprise mentioned in the last update. The surprise may have been spoiled somewhat by the title but hey, I've got to catch your eye somehow!

After a process of drafting & reviewing submissions, we held a vote today where the winning project goes by the name of Allthamon's Amazing Adventure (tripple-A for short) which will be a colourful, humorous strategy game inspired by classics old and new, such as Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and the Darkest Dungeon. We'll be going through planning and research this week, but expect more tangible updates in the near future.

"So, what about that Lemon Curd Games store", I hear you ask? Well, thanks to Design By Humans, we'll be bringing a wide range of shirts ranging from hoodies to t-shirts, phone cases, art prints and mugs! Due to a serverside issue caused by the site recently switching to new hardware, the apparel and accessories will take some time to solve some printing issues, so they're currently not listed on the store. The store design itself is very much a very, very early prototype as well, so the site's design is subject to change.

With all that said, two different mugs are available right now, and you can find them at the link below:

Click Here to go to the Lemon Curd Games Official Store