Cateau Quality Update

Hello folks!

We're pleased to announce a brand-new update for the Steam version that fixes a variety of bugs and other issues to improve the quality of the game. While we have done what we can to verify that the update fixes the listed problems, we have a fairly limited sample size of tested systems, so please report any issues you encounter with the following elements:

- Fixed the introductory logo not playing on some systems. The Lemon Curd Games logo should now appear, animate and play its sounds correctly.

- Corrected a number of typing errors.

- Fixed the credits not playing when the button was pressed or the game completed.

- Various bugs causing characters not to appear on the screen should now be fixed.

- Added text to correct a minor narrative error.

Note: If your game doesn't update automatically, you can uninstall the game and simply install it again. This will not remove your save. Once the new update is installed, you can resume your old save just as before. If you wish to backup your save manually, go into the Cateau folder and copy the save.bin file and save this copy wherever you like. You can then import it into Cateau by simply pasting it into the folder.

Cateau on Steam

Cateau on Google Play