Release Date & SGC Update

Happpy Monday everyone! Well we remember, when life gives you lemons...

...announce that you no longer have a preliminary release date, but a final one! As of Sunday last weekend, our Steam release date has been confirmed and as such the game will release on the 17th October. No more guessing or wondering required, and I can finally stop writing up comedic replies to those asking, so it's a win-win situation.

Secondly, as you know we'll be attending the Sweden Game Conference on the 17th-19th of October, as well as the festival day on the 20th. Thirdly, I have previously unreleased information concerning something we'll be bringing along. Our very own flag, standing at a mighty 200 cm tall and 85 cm wide the banner of Lemon Curd Games will mark out our booth at the conference.

You might then, quite reasonably, be asking: "But Linus, why aren't you showing us the concept that became the final flag design?!" Well my inquisitive friend, why settle for the concept? Keep an eye out for a real photo in the near future!

That, and there may be more things other than the flag to show off soon...

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