The Day is Here!

Today's a big day for all of us here at Lemon Curd Games. After weeks of polishing and hard work, we're pleased to finally be able to tell you all that Cateau has now been submitted to the Swedish Game Awards! And to top it all off, we have a new, final trailer to share with you all. This will serve as both our SGA trailer, as well as the final release trailer later on.

Oh dear, I've gone and written those two big ol' scary words - final release. On the subject, all I can say at this present moment, is that we're looking to release it once the SGAs are over. Due to being a group of fifteen people, it's a bit of a hassle to coordinate a final meeting in the matter during the summer months. We're aiming to have said meeting as soon as possible, so that we can at last give you an actual release date.

In the meantime, please enjoy the trailer! It shows off, among other things, the newly improved character reactions.

trailer thumbnail.png

Hello there! How about a quick update?

Well I suppose that the arrangements could be made! It'll be short (unless I am lying, which is a stark possibility) and sweet, much like a lemon. Well, a sugar-coated lemon, but that's besides the point.

First off, let's begin with what the programmers have been up to in their secret underground coding bunkers. While the primary functions of the game were mostly complete, there has been some additions and revisions. At present, all the mechanics and functions are in place, and they're at work implementing and polishing the reworked or added content for the improved version.

Secondly, the sound design fellows have been working on adding more sound effects, including ambient sounds but also user interface and action feedback. The former ties into something that our artists have been up to.

Our artists have been toiling to improve the, for the lack of a better term, "liveliness" of the game. This includes, for example, the upgraded reactions and character expressions mentioned in the last update. For example, while "Donny" used to have three distinct reactions, the sly bugger's now got six of them, each with a day and night lighting version. Not only that, but to help convey to the player whether or not their action had a negative, neutral, or positive effect, they've created a set of emojis that'll appear to clarify the results of an interaction.

In the writing department, focus has been placed on giving the player more time with the other human character in the game, as well as improving the clarity of the chronological progression of events and the efficacy of written scene transitions.

It seems that I did indeed lie! But, your patience will be rewarded. Here's one of the emojis for you to have a look at.

The usual disclaimer applies, that facts and images relayed and shown here are subject to change up until final release and may differ from the final version.




The Lemon Knight Rises

Greetings! It's sure been a while, and you'd be forgiven for expecting this post to be covered in cobwebs. Fortunately as this is the internet, spiders have difficulty getting their web all over the place.

All joking aside, we're nearing the end of the current semester, and we'll be finishing up our respective coursework over the next week or two.

What that means in practical terms, is that we'll be getting more work done on the game. In brief, there'll be refinement of character presentations which in turn allows us to remove the text describing character reactions, resulting in a more concise narrative.

As this will be taking place during the summer holiday, we cannot promise regular updates on this page, or that we'll even succeed at completing the improved version. I guess we'll all have to wait and see, don't we?

logga_bigoutline transp.png

We Have a Plan - A Plan So Cunning, it Graduated University Before We Did


All joking aside, we have news concerning release date time frame! And yes, that does actually involve a plan.

As some of you may already know, we're planning on polishing the game and then submitting the result to the Swedish Game Awards. The submission window's between the 1st and 29th of July this year. Our exquisitely ingenious, original and unrivalled scheme, is to release the version we hand over to SGA, rather than the version we currently have. What this means of course, is that that is indeed our release window.

Fret not, it will still be very much the same game! The new version will not be a radical redesign, but rather amending the issues that were found during the project. Increased interactivity, improved visual representation of character reactions, and thanks to such improvements allowing the text to be more concise, we can make the reading experience far more engaging. In short, we want you to experience that, rather than what we handed in.

There will be more updates during these coming months, but as we've all moved on to new courses, this is now something we spend our free time working on. That means that updates will be less frequent by nature, but we will relay any newsworthy progress to you all.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and your continued support! Sorry for the long read, but as it's been a while since you last Heard from us, we wanted to make sure that we brought you up to speed.

logga_bigoutline transp.png

The Lemon-like Light at the End of the Tunnel

To say that this has been a busy week would be an understatement of criminal proportions, but we've finally finished creating the elements for the game, ready to be implemented into the final version over the next few days. Good thing too, as the deadline's coming up!

On Thursday we'll be holding our final presentation as a part of this course and project, which unless things change in the next few days, will be streamed live. Updates on the matter will be published before then.

You might wonder what that means for the release version of Cateau? All we can say for absolute certain is that the game will be released to the public, but we have yet to set a defined release date. Again, updates on this will be published in the near future.

A bit of a dense read this one, but there'll be a more bite-sized message later today!

Cateau Transp Logo.png

Developers, Lemons and T-shirts

Well well well, look at what arrived in the mail today!

No, not the developers, the t-shirts. Every member's got one, but not every member is featured in the photos.

In case of the third photo, teamwork makes the dream work!

...with the added benefit of preventing your teammate from falling and suffering crippling damage in the process


Writing - It's a Thing That We Do

So far, our news updates have largely been focused on presenting the audiovisual elements of our game, such as concept art, characters, music and so on. But, as unlikely as it might seem, there is actually some writing work involved in making a visual novel. An unsettling revelation perhaps, but an undeniable truth nonetheless.

So, how does the writing process work here at Lemon Curd Games?

Well, as is often the case with creative work in general, it's an iterative process so it varies somewhat depending on what element is being worked on. But to keep this article from being approximately the length of the written works of Classical Europe, I'll describe how an encounter between the player and the cats they encounter. 

To begin with, the writer or writers discuss what event the encounter will revolve around, each one typically centred around one particular event. From that core idea, the choices, results and consequences are worked out. Then, a rough draft is written, where each choice and result is given text. Then, from that first draft, a second draft is made. Once both of these are complete they are reviewed, and the text passing said reviewing process is compiled into a final draft. 

While hardly as glamorous as some of the other work that goes into a game, certainly less visually appealing as the art or interesting to listen to as music, but we hope that you've enjoyed this piece of insight.

Cateau Transp Logo.png

Art, Before and After

At this point you're likely familiar some of our line art, the piece being the subject for this article even being used as our facebook banner at the time of writing. It's part of the conceptual process that our artists go through, creating simple line art and then embelleshing the pieces chosen for refinement. We figured that you might enjoy a good old "before and after" example. So here you go, that very same line art along with the colour corrected version we currently have.

As with most of our assets, please note that even this is not fully completed and is currently being worked on, but in this case it's minor detailing, meaning that this is very close to what you'll see in Cateau.

Teaser Trailer Featuring Prototype Footage is Now Live!

Oh dear, last week sure turned out to be hectic with mid-way-through presentations and reviews within the project course, but from now on updates will be back on a daily schedule, and we resume with something truly special:

Our first, fully fledged prototype teaser trailer, featuring our brand-new logo, but in all of its animated glory, as well as all kinds of assets that will be implemented in the finished game! Pretty neat, huh?

While we hope that you'll enjoy the trailer, please bear in mind that this is still a work in progress. For example, none of the text is proof-read, which would be a tad embarrassing in a final release version.

Click here to view the trailer.


"Name's Don, Cat Don."

It's about time that we introduced you to a new cat, isn't it? Well here is the second of our three cats, code named "Donny". "Donny" is the boss of the street and knows it too.

The idea behind the general design is to convey a personality which cannot be bothered with rapscallions and rascals faffing about, hardly a youngster any more but certainly capable of taking care of itself.



 "Shaken, not purred."

"Shaken, not purred."

The Saga of Chub Continues!

Fancy stopping by the residence of the venerable "Chub"? Step into his parlour (conveniently situated right by the local bakery) and have a look at what Chub's home looks like.

In other news, our website has just hit over 100 unique visitors! Thanks to all of you from various countries around the world including Sweden, Cyprus, Germany, Japan and the United States among others, in no particular order.

bg_Fat_alt01 (1).png

Development Insight 1 - The Journey of "Chub"

Did you know that our logo, derived from the "fat cat" character code named internally as "Chub", began life as an orange bundle of smugness? Well due to what was in retrospect a fairly obvious reason, wishing to avoid infringing on another, fairly famous orange cat, the oranges were swapped out in favour of darker colours?

Well if you didn't know, now you sure do.