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Here at Lemon Curd Games I worked as a writer and de facto PR manager for the game Cateau. My main tasks were creating the scripts for the player character and Roselle, as well as finalising most of the text in the game. Apart from that I also created the character and environment descriptions from which the artists, musicians and sound designers would base their work. Rather than give exact commands as to what I wanted a character or place to look like, I gave them the themes and the general impression that I wanted each of these elements to give the player. Along with that I worked alongside our Creative Director, who I co-wrote with, to design the narrative and to ensure a consistent tone across all the various aspects throughout the game.

Apart from the game itself, I was, and am, also responsible for running and designing this website, our Facebook page as well as our presence on indiedb. I’m in charge of communications through the previously mentioned sites as well as our e-mail. I was also responsible for the Steam launch in its entirety in terms of getting the game onto Steam, the announcements and managing the Steam community. To be clear, I’m not responsible for the art present on these sites. While I was part of the idea and design phase for, for example, our icons we use for each section of the site, I did not actually draw them. Another thing to note is that the award in the picture wasn’t awarded to me personally, although my work was certainly relevant to achieving it.

Outside of work or studies I’m an avid gamer and active person, enjoying everything from a night of competitive Overwatch to spending the early hours of the morning fishing with my friends. I’m a human rights activist through Amnesty International’s Swedish branch as of 2006, and other interests include history, science, culture and going on cycling adventures among other things.

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