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This is our very first project, a visual novel set in the ever famous city of Paris. A story of humanity, compassion, and yes, cats.

The game is aimed towards players that are more interested in a narrative experience with meaningful choices that have an impact upon the characters and plot progression, rather than mechanical challenge. One of the key aspects to the narrative, is that apart from how they pass the time, the protagonist is completely undefined in terms of who they are. By leaving  the questions of gender, sexuality, ethnic background and more entirely open, any player, regardless of their personality, can step into those shoes without finding themselves marginalised or disregarded.

As a player you'll be put into situations where based upon clues presented to you in the behaviour of not only the cats, but your old friend and room mate, Roselle. Keep your wits about you and a keen eye open for details to attain one of the multiple different endings Cateau has to offer.