Our Story

Lemon Curd Games was founded on the 22nd of January 2018, as a part of our common course work here at the University of Skövde. We're comprised of a varied array of individuals, some of whom have previous experience developing games in a team environment, while some don't. As a whole we're in reality constructed out of several smaller groups from the varying specialised disciplines that the school offers programmes for, but despite coming from wildly different classes with fairly little social overlap, we managed to form a cohesive team that worked well together. As a team we achieved not only two nominations at the August 2018 Swedish Game Awards, but we even managed to win the prize for Best Execution in Narrative.

The Lemon Curd Games train never stops, and Lemon Curd Games managed to secure a spot on the Sweden Game Conference IndieCator floor, and we will host a booth there on the 17th through 20th of October this year.

Our workplace was located in Building D, Room 317, one of the several computer rooms on the campus. While the room sadly lacked the lemon yellow of the buildings pictured here, it sufficed well enough.